Newton offers the following services to manufacturers from across the engineering and construction sectors including space, aerospace, automotive and construction products:

  • Specialist engineering consultancy
  • The design and manufacture of bespoke test equipment
  • Physical testing including, thermal vacuum, vibration, structural and rocket propulsion

Newton specialises in support for manufacturers wishing to bring new products to market or extend an existing range of products, including specialist design services, testing in support of product development, such as early development R&D and proof of concept testing, generation of product performance data for manufacturers' technical literature and specialist engineering consultancy services. Where a manufacturer wishes to have their own in-house testing capability, Newton can design and manufacture bespoke test equipment to meet the specific needs of the client, including control and data acquisition units. Newton can also design, build and install specialist data logging equipment for on-site (remote) monitoring applications.

Our laboratory at the Snowdonia Space Technology Centre features a Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) with support for a wide range of temperature conditions, a centrifuge system for high-g-loading of components, a vibration table for launch simulation and a rocket engine test stand with support for testing up to 1 kN thrust. We can offer limited cleanroom services up to ISO7 on request, but are happy to test products that have not been developed in a clean room environment. As part of a major upgrade to the facilities we will soon be installing a larger rocket engine test stand for up to 5 kN thrust, a 12m launch rail and a structural test rig.

Working in partnership with the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre (SAC), we also support flight test activities on site, taking advantage of the Danger Area surrounding the airfield at Llanbedr and the adjacent test range in Cardigan Bay (which has an unlimited ceiling). SAC has a long history of UAV (drone) and electric aircraft testing for civilian aviation, academia and the MOD. The site is also ideal for testing road vehicles from scooters to Formula 1 racing cars and has hosted many such clients.

The laboratory and airfield facilities also provide an ideal training venue for companies and universities wishing to offer training and courses in relevant fields.

Vacuum Chamber

Structural Testing Rig