Newton Launch Systems is a small UK-based consultancy and testing services provider with over a decade's experience in undertaking complex feasibility studies, engineering consultancy services and rocket engine testing, in parallel to its own internal R&D programme focused on sustainable access to space. We believe that it is time to challenge the decades old paradigm of launching single-use satellites on expendable rockets, which emit vast quantities of CO2 and other pollutants before littering both space and the oceans with debris. It is time for the space industry to move into the 21st century by investing in innovative and sustainable aerospace solutions, which will permit the exploration and exploitation of space with a significantly lower environmental impact than is possible today. Newton aims to play its part in this revolution with its own technology development and to support like-minded enterprises and academics by providing affordable and flexible access to testing facilities.

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About Us

Newton Launch Systems was founded in 2011 to develop technology for the launch and operation of small spacecraft. It has been actively involved in the development of sustainable space technology for over a decade. The company has undertaken several satellite launcher feasibility studies with funding from the UK Space Agency, including detailed analyses of the global satellite launch market. It has its own internal R&D programme focused on sustainable rocket propulsion and offers consultancy and testing services to commercial clients and academia. Newton is proud to be a partner in the Snowdonia Space Technology Centre, where it is developing a unique test facility for the UK aerospace sector.

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Newton's service offering comprises engineering consultancy, the design and manufacture of bespoke test equipment and low TRL (early development) testing services for the aerospace, automotive and construction products sectors. Newton’s technical team includes aerospace, civil and electronics engineers making it ideally suited to tackling complex tasks that cross the traditional engineering disciplines, such as the design of specialist test equipment. Newton undertakes all of the design and much of its manufacturing in-house, including control and data acquisition systems. In partnership with the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre, Newton is building a brand new testing facility at the Snowdonia Space Technology Centre to offer a wide range of space industry testing services including rocket propulsion, thermal vacuum chamber and shaker table testing.