UK-based small satellite launcher

3rd May 2013

Newton Launch Systems, working under sub-contract to Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), is undertaking a study into the technical and economic feasibility of a UK-based small satellite launcher.

The project is part of a broader initiative funded by the United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA) under the Space Collaborative Innovation Team Initiative (Space CITI), which has brought together a range of expertise from partners including London Economics, Reaction Engines, Commercial Space Technologies and other consultants within the UK space industry. Space CITI is a pilot programme designed to support accelerated innovation and economic growth and is aligned to the objectives and growth targets as outlined by the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS).

Newton’s contribution to the project is focused on the following areas:

  • An analysis into the small satellite launch market (up to 150kg mass)
  • A survey of previous small launcher studies
  • An investigation into the technical and economic feasibility of a commercial UK-based small satellite launcher

To learn more about the Space CITI project, please visit the UKSA website at: